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How can I find a lawyer in Delhi?

  • Finding a good genuine lawyer is a tough task. Before you meet any lawyer make all the proper facts, evidence, and relevant documents of the case ready. Also, prepare your questions ready.

  • At the meeting tell your lawyer all your priorities, expectations, and other important things about your case.

  • Ask your lawyer as many questions as you want to ask and clear all your doubts.

  • Clear your fee issues in advance.

  • Ask him about his experience in the field of law and may also ask him for any record where your lawyer had appeared in similar cases.

  • Ask about his existing client's contact details to make sure how the lawyer is perusing their case.

  • Ask your lawyer about how you can communicate with him and at what hours via Email, phone call, etc.

  • And most important client knows his case best. The lawyer should give respect to his client at the highest level.

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