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Entire gamut of services from unravelling vast maze of statutory laws, rules, regulations, notifications, circulars and other delegated legislation, issuing notices to erring governments and authorities, pursuing appropriate statutory remedies and filing and defending writ petitions, intra-court appeals in High Courts and special leave petitions and appeals in Supreme Court of India.

Advoknit helps the litigants to deal with stressful environment of Courts. Maintains a smooth environment where its lawyer simplifies and help during the whole process thus by giving litigants astonishing experiences.

Advoknit helps the litigants to deal with the stressful environment of courts, maintains a smooth environment and help its litigants at every stage in order to make the entire process as simple as possible and to provide them the best in class astonishing experience.

Advoknit law Firm specializes in representing clients at all stages before the Supreme Court of India.

Advising litigants, conducting proceedings before arbitrators, challenging and defending the awards before all courts.

Whole range of services from drafting, pleading, conducting trials of suits, prosecutions, appeals and other remedies at all levels including High Courts and Supreme Court.

Identifying constitutional issues, selecting forum of first instance, formulating such issues in writ and other proceedings, strategic planning and conduct of writ petitions, including PILs and defending W.Ps. before single Judges and Division Benches of High Court and Supreme Court.

Advising and conduct of cases and appeals before tax authorities, writ petitions in High Courts and Supreme Court wherever needed.

Giving considered opinions in the light of rules various States, conduct of cases and appeals before various adjudicators, tribunals and seeking relief from High Courts and Supreme Court.

In-depth scrutiny of civil and criminal consequences of infrations of provisions of the Information Technology Act, challenges to constitutionally infirm provisions and seeking appropriate remedies under the Act.

Advising and conducting proceedings before Labour Court, Industrial Tribunals, Central Administrative Tribunal [CAT], State Administrative Tribunals [SATs], High Courts and Supreme Court on the whole range of issues – recruitment, confirmation, seniority, promotion, reservations, retirement benefits like pension, gratuity, provident fund, state insurance etc.

Ensuring strict compliance with provisions relating to payment of compensation, relief and rehabilitation to land owners and planning laws across India and challenging the National Highway Act and other vulnerable laws.

Seeking enforcement of various provisions of Part IX and IXA of the Constitution, challenging and defending elections of Mayors, Chairmen, Zilla Parishad, and other elective posts and supersession of local bodies.

Advising on various aspects of rights and remedies under the Special Marriage Act, Succession Act and laws of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Parsis in regard to divorce, alimony, maintenance, inheritance, custody and guardianship of children.

Critical examination of laws of take-over of Hindu temples and charitable institutions, challenging such laws before the High Courts and Supreme Court and protecting rights of priests.